The Damaged Schools After The Flood

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The delegation of Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company and Thanh Nien Newspaper have reached a significant number of schools in the flooded zones, donated funds to help to rebuild the facilities, so that teachers and students could go to class again …

Bà Nguyễn Thị Bích Nhi, Chủ tịch Công đoàn Tôn Nam Kim, thăm hỏi các em học sinh điểm trường Pa Nho ở TT.Khe Sanh (Quảng Trị)	 ///  ẢNH: NGUYỄN PHÚC

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Nhi, President of Ton Nam Kim Trade Union, visited pupils at Pa Nho school in Khe Sanh town (Quang Tri Province). Photo: NGUYEN PHUC

Back to plain…

From November 4th  – to 6th , from the South, the social  team-work  of Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company (Ton Nam Kim, Binh Duong) and Thanh Nien Newspaper moved to the Central region to coordinate with Thanh Nien Newspapers resident reporters in 3 provinces of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri to organized relief activities. The targeted  groups that we aim to support after the severe flood includes  schools, pupils, teachers and some families with extremely  difficult circumstances in these areas. On the afternoon of April 1st , with the support of the Ha Tinh Provincial and Youth Union and the Ha Tinh Department of Education and Training, the delegation awarded 2 gifts worth 150 million VND in cash, each 75 million VND to Phan Dinh Giot Primary School – Secondary School (belongs to Cam Quan Commune, Cam Xuyen District) and Thach Luu Kindergarten (Thach Luu Commune, Thanh Ha District). These are two schools which located in depression areas and faced with badly flooded, so the damage was remarkable during the period from October 19th -21st . Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy, Principal of Phan Dinh Giot Primary School and  Secondary School, said heavy rain and Ke Go lake letting out caused 23 classrooms on the first floor to be flooded more than 1 meter depth in water. About 80% of the school’s pupils whose houses were  deeply inundated. “Most of the school tables and chairs are made of plywood, which has been submerged  for a long time in water , hence,  it was significantly damaged. Some teaching machines and equipment on the first floor could not be used any longer, ”Ms. Thuy said. Continuously, moving to Quang Binh Province, our  group gave 2 gifts in cash (worth 75 million VND / gift) to Phong Thuy No. 2 Primary School and Nguyen Chi Thanh High School (Le Thuy district). During the historic flood, Quang Binh Province suffered heavy damage, but  Le Thuy Disctrict was the flood –prone area…, as a result,  schools in this depression district were devastated… Mr. Nguyen Hai Duong, Principal of Phong Thuy No. 2 Primary School, said: “Our school is located in a depression area, the water rises 2.5 meters, submerging everything. In addition, the furniture was damaged, the teaching TV screen hung very high to the floor but still was wet, the parking lot was collapsed, the first floor doors were almost broken. Nevertheless, we still have to try to clean up, make temporary repairs to welcome students to class after 3 weeks of absence from school”.

Get on the Moutains…

On the last day of Ton Nam Kim’s volunteer journey, Thanh Nien Newspaper’s workers brought us to the mountainous district of Huong Hoa (Quang Tri Province). After 70km far from Dong Ha city, the group reached the point of Pa Nho school (belonging to the No .1 primary school -Khe Sanh Town). The scene at the school site surprised many people in our group at the first sight. Mr. Le Van Quang, Principal of No.1 Primary School of Khe Sanh town, said that the Pa Nho school was built 15 years ago, currently there has 4 teachers who taught 64 students from grades 1 – to grade 3. “During a  great flood, the school site was sunk deep into the water, the fence fell down, the roof of the schools were swept away, the windows and the main doors all fell out, the tables and chairs were cover by dirt and mud, books and teaching tools were in the same circumstance ”, said teacher Quang. Talking with innocent pupils  and teachers standing at the ravaged school site, after giving 70 million VND as a little support, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Nhi, Trade Union Chairman of  Ton Nam Kim, said: “The entire  of 480 million VND to support the people in the Middle of Vietnam is the voluntary contribution of more than 1,000 officials and employees of the company. We have immediately been thinking of supporting schools to contribute to care for the cause of “Growing” people. Therefore, today we shared a little hand with a view to contributing a small part in the process of re-building the facilities, the teach -learning movement of the school …”.

At the final destination of the journey, the group donated VND 65 million to Gio Chau Kindergarten (Gio Linh District). In addition, we also supported 3 teachers whose families were seriously damaged in the flood, with 5 million VND for each family. Also during this volunteer journey, the representative of Ton Nam Kim came home to visit some affected  , heavily damaged  and difficult families in several communes in Loc Thuy, Phong Thuy ( Le Thuy Disctrict) and Trung Hai (Gio Linh District), donating from 5 to nearly 20 million VND per household.


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