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Recently, Nam Kim Steel (NKG) (NKG) has also adopted the policy of receiving transfers from Dae Myung Chemical Co. Ltd. all 100% charter capital in Dae Myung Paper Vietnam Co., Ltd. According to NKG, the purpose of acquiring Dae Myung Paper Vietnam is to use the land for warehouses and steel pipe workshops as the approved plan in 2020.

Nam Kim Steel (NKG) has just announced production targets in March and the first quarter of 2021 with a good increase in momentum, especially exports. Total production in March reached 101.766 tons, of which galvanizing accounted for the most significant proportion with 44.320 tons, aluminum-zinc steel 23.635 tons, color coated steel 11.031 tons, and steel pipes reached 22.780 tons. Total monthly consumption reached 103.481 tons, with exports alone accounting for 62.422 tons, equivalent to more than 60% of the proportion.

Accumulated in the first 3 months of the year, the Company produced 244.301 tons, consuming 240.072 tons. Exports are at a record high of 151.992 tons, with the main recent markets including European countries and the US.

In 2021, the steel industry continues to receive many prospects. According to the Vietnam Steel Association, world steel demand increased 4.1% this year after recording a decrease of 2.4% the previous year, driven mainly by the recovery in developed markets.

Domestic demand is expected to increase by 8% thanks to active infrastructure investment, the recovery of the real estate market, the recovery of the manufacturing industry, and attracting foreign capital. Specifically, this year, domestic consumption of construction steel, pipe steel, and galvanized sheets is expected to increase by 9%, 8%, and 8%, respectively. Vietnam’s steel exports are also viewed more positively this year.

Accordingly, businesses in the industry simultaneously set optimistic plans for 2021. Particularly, NKG, the company plans to submit to shareholders a revenue plan of VND 16.000 billion, profit after tax of VND 600 billion; up 38% and 200% respectively over the previous year. The company also plans to pay a maximum dividend of 10% in cash or shares.

Recently, the Board of Directors has also approved the policy of receiving the transfer from Dae Myung Chemical Co. Ltd. 100% of charter capital in Dae Myung Paper Vietnam Co., Ltd. According to NKG, the purpose of acquiring Dae Myung Paper Vietnam is to use the land for warehouse and steel pipe workshops according to the approved plan in 2020.

In 2020, NKG achieved revenue of 11.560 billion dongs, a slight decrease, but profit after tax was 6,2 times higher, reaching 295 billion dongs. With the achieved results, the Board of Directors presented the final dividend of 2020 at the rate of 7% in shares. In addition, the Board of Directors presented a plan to award shares at the rate of 13%. The total dividend and bonus ratio is 20% in shares. Correspondingly, Ton Nam Kim will issue a maximum of 1 million shares under the Employee Options Program (ESOP), with no restriction on the right to transfer at the price of 10.000 VND/share, of which it is not distributed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Board of Directors and General Director. Currently, NKG shares are being traded for VND 24.250, up 152% from VND 16.000 in early 2021. The average bar in the last 30 days is 4,9 million shares/session.

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On March 26, at Bo Trach District General Hospital, Mr. Ho Minh Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors Ton Nam Kim (headquartered in Dong An 2 Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province), presented an ambulance 1.4 million USD billion for Bo Trach District General Hospital. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Le Cong Toan, Provincial Member, Secretary of Bo Trach District Party Committee, leader of Bo Trach District People’s Committee,…

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Mr. Ho Minh Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors Ton Nam Kim donated an ambulance to Bo Trach District General Hospital.

Bo Trach District General Hospital is a class II hospital including 290 staff, doctors, and nurses with 295 beds. However, the facilities, equipment, and vehicles are still lacking, damaged, and even some show signs of deterioration, not enough to meet the people’s needs. The hospital has two ambulances that have been used for a long time.

ton nam kim trao tang xe cho benh vien bo trach
District leaders and Bo Trach District General Hospital presented flowers and thanked Mr. Ho Minh Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors Ton Nam Kim.

However, with the efforts of all staff, medical staff, and doctors, Bo Trach District General Hospital has tried to promote a sense of responsibility, overcome all obstacles, give the best care for the people’s health, contributing to the socio-economic development in the area. At the awarding ceremony, the Director of Bo Trach District General Hospital, Nguyen Tat Thang, thanked Mr. Ho Minh Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors Ton Nam Kim, for giving the hospital material and spiritual value. Thereby encouraging the staff, medical staff, doctors of the hospital will constantly make efforts, try harder to take care of people’s health better and better. Besides, the Director of Bo Trach District General Hospital also wishes to continue to receive active attention and support from all levels of sectors, localities, and donors to build a growing hospital.


Ton Nam Kim Charity Journey in the Middle of Vietnam


In order to reach the poor and schools in the middle region which was damaged by severe floods and storms, Ton Nam Kim divided into several groups to help and support with the total amount of nearly 1 billion VND in cash and by actual roofing.


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Nhi, Chairman of Trade Union of Ton Nam Kim gave the amount of money support to Mr. Nguyen Hai Duong – Headmaster of Phong Thuy No. 2 Primary School (Quang Binh Province).

Our first destination was Ha Tinh province, which included Phan Dinh Giot Primary-Secondary School and Kindergarten in Thach Luu Commune. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy, who is Principal of Phan Dinh Giot School, said that “the recent floods caused 23 classrooms which were on the first floor to be inundated more than 1 meter depth in water. About 80% of the school’s pupils have houses which are deeply flooded. Plywood furniture were severely damaged”. With the best support from Ton Nam Kim with a little hand donated to the school funds, perhaps it should be a slight extra help for the school reconstruction after the flood.
In Quang Binh, the organization gave money to support Phong Thuy No. 2 Primary School and Nguyen Chi Thanh High School located in the “flood navel” of Le Thuy area, where the 5 meter high school gate flooded close to the roof. The principal said that the tables and chairs were completely submerged, the pupils whose houses were completely flooded had just returned to school in a significant poverty.

We went to the Khe Sanh highlands – Quang Tri to support the Pa Nho school belonged to the site of the Primary No. 1 School in Khe Sanh town, Kindergarten in Gio Chau commune (Gio Linh disctrict) and 3 teachers’ families who were seriously damaged by the flood. In addition , on this volunteer journey, Ton Nam Kim came directly to visit some houses which were severely affected and difficult families in the communes of Loc Thuy, Phong Thuy (Le Thuy district) and Trung Hai commune (Gio Linh disctrict ), awarded from 5 to nearly 20 million VND per household.

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Ton Nam Kim donates 4000 meters of corrugated iron sheet to support to people in flood areas in Quang Ngai province.

Another groups, Ton Nam Kim promptly donated 4000 meters of corrugated iron sheet , which worth about 400 million VND to the people in stormy areas in Quang Ngai in 2 districts Mo Duc and Nghia Hanh. Along with our trip with the total amount of 530 million VND contributed by the staff members from the call of the Company’s Trade Union Executive Committee campaign, a total of amount which Ton Nam Kim has supported the people in the middle areas of Vietnam was 930 million VND. That is the gratitude of each member of our group while seeing the people in the lurch.

Ton Nam Kim -Is Proudly Honored as Vietnam Value in 2020

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At the Ceremony of Enterprises Announcement with Vietnam Value 2020 Products took place in Hanoi, Ton Nam Kim was awarded the Vietnam Value 2020 by the Vietnam Value Council and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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Ton Nam Kim – Proud of Vietnam Value 2020

In the evening of November 25, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade held a ceremony to announce enterprises with Vietnam Value 2020. This is a specific, long-term and unique trade promotion program of the Government associated with 3 values: “Quality – Innovation, Creativity – Pioneering capacity”. After more than 9 months of launching and implementing appraisal and selection activities, the Vietnam Value Council voted and announced 124 businesses with their products achieve the Vietnam Value 2020, among them, Ton Nam Kim was honored to attain with products and brands: “Ton Nam Kim galvanized steel “, ” Ton Nam Kim – Alu-zinc coated steel “, ” Ton Nam Kim -Color-coated steel ” and “Nam Kim pre-galvanized steel pipe”.


Video of the announcement ceremony: Mr. Nguyen Vinh An – Permanent Deputy General Director of Ton Nam Kim received the title of Vietnam Value 2020  

With Ton Nam Kim, the Vietnam Value and the awards achieved this year is a striking demonstration of the company’s continuous development efforts, asserting product quality as well as responsibility to customers and the social community. As a leading enterprise specializing in manufacturing galvanized steel coils in Vietnam, Ton Nam Kim is always a innovator in technology investment to provide products with the best quality and standards to domestic and international clients. 

Ton Nam Kim Won National 2020 Brand Award

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In 2020, Ton Nam Kim received two awards, including “National Brand” and “Vietnam Top 3 reputable construction material exporters”.

The year of 2020 is also the 11th consecutive year which Ton Nam Kim is in the VNR500 Ranking – “Top 500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam” and “Top 500 Largest Private Enterprises in Vietnam”. The brand representative said that the business awards achieved this year that demonstrates the unit’s continuous development efforts, affirming product quality as well as responsibility for customers and social community.

Nhà máy Tôn Nam Kim
Ton Nam Kim Factory

Operating in the field of coated steel production, in recent years, Ton Nam Kim has been increasing investment in technology, providing products with the best quality standards for domestic and international customers. Currently, the NAM KIM products have been available nationwide and exported to more than 50 international markets.

Ton Nam Kim uses technological equipment of leading corporations in the steel industry such as SMS (Germany), Drever (Belgium). Raw steel material sources are selected from famous corporations such as Nippon Steel, Arcelor, CSC, Formosa (Vietnam) …

At all production stages, our products are subjected to stringent quality control procedures, with strict quality standards such as JIS (Japan), AS (Australia), ASTM (USA), EN. (Europe), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Các sản phẩm của Tôn Nam Kim.
Ton Nam Kim’s products.

Ton Nam Kim Representative said that, with advanced technology, a team of staff with proficient and professional knowledge and many years of experience, we aim to provide products with sustainable quality, environmentally friendly value and bring highly economically efficiency to customers.

The Vietnam National Brand Program was launched and started in 2003, with the view to building the image of Vietnam as a reputable country with high quality products and services, enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese brands in the domestic and international markets.


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