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(The covid-19 severe pandemic causes the lockdown and social distancing of most areas, leading many enterprises to suffer from closing some unessential production–business activities, seriously affecting the current jobs of millions of workers as a result. However, Ton Nam Kim has been keeping up the effort into safe production while obeying (*)“3 in one spot” and taking care of laborers enough.) (*)3 in one spot, which requires companies to allow employees to work, eat, and rest in one location.

Owing to the peculiarity of the production industry, most of Ton Nam Kim’s members are male, are breadwinners of their own families. Understanding their concerns, Ton Nam Kim’s Board of Management has been coming up with several policies in time to assure no reduction of income for all staffs such as the provision of necessities, the increasing of supportive level for those who participate “3 in one spot”, the maximum rewards – 1month salary for all workers.

According to Mr. Ho Minh Quang – Chairman’s speech, applying this policy for all staffs to ensure have additional income to alleviate difficulty if their loved ones are reduced salary or even lose jobs. This aims to encourage laborer’s minds to keep working without anxiety.

Besides that, Boards of Director command TNK’s managers to concentrate with high level, implement severe measures to prevent the epidemic from guaranteeing the safety and production; frequently bring up, encourage and support to staffs at each department, production line,… with the total cost up to tens of billions.

Affirmatively, these humanistic activities for workers of TNK’s Board of Directors assure the closest reality, the performance, the encouragement to build the engrossed laboring spirit, the enthusiasm, the creation, contributing to generate high and effective productivity. Hence, it acts as a precursor to a corporation’s development, strengthens income and well–being for all workers, and successfully implements dual targets in this historical pandemic

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